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DONA Magic Easy Nail art Patch Sticker

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Welcome to dona corporation page


A business partner to share happiness.
We would like to meet you with the base of trust and reliability.
Were you looking for a business with the interior and the exterior identical?
DONA is your partner for sharing happiness.
Can you separate a family with profits and greed? The objective and goals of partners is to be together.
DONA is your partner.

DONA considers the growth of its partner as its own growth.
We place trust and reliability on top of our priorities.
We are developing the highest quality products with the design and color strategies based on the global trends.
As a result, we have contributed to the growth and development of countless partners.
We have pride in the fact that we are a beauty company loved by our partners.

We will do our best to become the business partner which will share the happiness,
based on reliability and trust, success and vision, and peace and hope.
DONA wishes to be placed in the world as a company which realizes dreams,
practices sharing, and one which is reliable and trustworthy.

We will continue to do our best to become your valued partner.




The beginning of adhesive nail art,

3-minute nail sticker


Developed using the unique technology and production line of DONA, it is simple and convenient to use.
We have remedied the shortcomings such as removing using nail polish remover, folding or crumplingdue to extreme thinness, cracking or breaking before 3 days, etc. Single use will maintain the color and luster for about 2 weeks.
DONA can be applied by the novice, anywhere, anytime



Over 300 different leading superior designs of DONA


Various and beautiful designs of DONA will give emphasis to your dull fashion.
DONA will no longer keep you bored.
Designer DONA will take charge of the fingernails with individualistic and sophisticated color.





1 step : Choose the nail polish according to the nail size.
Attach meticulously beginning from the round section of the nails.











2 step : Use a buffer to remove the remaining sections.











3 step : Nail art is complete when the remaining sections are removed!

















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